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No Man's Land War Museum




No Man's Land War Museum tells the story of the Betuwe region between 1939 and 1945. In the old town hall of Gendt, this is done with dioramas, touchscreen monitors and images. Personal stories of civilians, Allies and German soldiers complete the picture.

No Man's Land War Museum does not limit itself to the military side of the war story, but also has much attention for what life in the Betuwe was like for the civilians. For example, Anneke Boerboom recounts what it was like to be the only woman on the ‘men's island’.

No Man's Land on wheels 

With a converted GMC truck dating from 1943, No Man's Land War Museum takes the story of the Second World War in the Betuwe to the schoolyard. 

During the war, GMC trucks were used to transport military equipment. One of these authentic trucks was converted into an education annex. In an interactive manner, the children learn how the war was experienced by Allies, Germans and the local population. With an exercise book and a visit to the museum for schools.

Nijmeegstestraat 19a 6691 CK Gendt