The Netherlands / Battlefield

Sloedam Causeway east side




After a successful advance across the Zuid Beveland peninsula as part of Operation Vitality, the Canadian Second Division becomes embroiled in a bitter struggle for the Sloedam Causeway.

On October 31, the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade begins the attack on the Walcheren Causeway with an assault by the Black Watch of Canada. The Causeway is impassable for tanks due to bomb craters and German trenches. The Canadians come under heavy German fire and advance 70 meters from the end. They have to withdraw due to the heavy enemy fire.

The Calgary Highlanders try again in the evening but get no further than halfway through the Causeway. Although the Calgary Highlanders and then Le Regiment de Maisonneuve and the Glasgow Highlanders established a beachhead on the other side of the Causeway on November 1 and November 2 respectively, they are pushed back by tough German resistance.

Postweg, Lewedorp