The Netherlands / Story

The liberation of the Ernst Casmirlaan




On Sunday 15 April 1945, the Canadians advance via the Ernst Casimirlaan to the Noorderplantsoen. The tanks and a cannon are brought into position for the shelling of the German positions in the Noorderplansoen.

The residents leave their homes en masse to greet the Canadians. The soldiers hand out candy and Canadian newspapers.

A Canadian tank from The Fort Garry Horse drives through a garden and through a fence to get a better field of fire. Unfortunately, the tank crew didn't get much out of it, because trees obstruct the view.

While a screaming crowd watches, the captured Germans are taken from the Noorderplantsoen towards the Collenius Bridge where they are loaded into trucks. One of the residents slaps a German prisoner in the face.

Ernst Casimirlaan 1, 9717 AT Groningen