The Netherlands / Battlefield

The Vissersbridge is blown up




The Germans try to slow down the Canadian advance in the city of Groningen by blowing up the Vissersbrug and the A-bridge. The residents from the area around the Vissersbrug are in the cellars on Saturday afternoon, April 14, 1945, it is not safe to go out on the street.

Many residents hide together in the basement. Near the Vissersbrug there are four spacious cellars where 17 residents await the end of the fighting. In the evening sleeping places are set up for women and children. The residents are safe here from the shelling.

However, the war did not go unnoticed. The explosions with which the Vissersbrug is blown up are so violent that almost no window is left intact in the area. The residents have barely recovered from the shock, after which the A-bridge is blown up. This severely damaged the bridge. The children in the cellars complain that they are deaf, a result of the air pressure from the explosions.

On Sunday 15 April, the Germans took up their position on the roofs of the Hoge Der A. Around noon they open fire on civilians at the Museum Bridge who want to welcome the Canadians. At the end of the day, this part of the city of Groningen was liberated.

Lage der A 33, 9718 BL Groningen