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Eede - Queen Wilhelmina returns




On March 13, 1945, Queen Wilhelmina finally set foot on Dutch soil again after a five year exile. For this historic moment she chose Eede. As this place, like the entire region, had been hit particularly hard by war related violence. When the queen crossed the makeshift border, hastily marked by flour, the village gained national renown. Years later, Queen Wilhelmina wrote in her memoirs that crossing the border in Eede had been one of the most important events in her life.

In 1954, the National Monument ‘The Dutch Virgin’ was unveiled at the Queen Wilhelmina Square in Eede. The sculpture, created by Peter Roovers, was revealed by Wilhelmina’s daughter, Queen Juliana.

Eede and the vicinity suffered greatly during the battle for the Leopold Canal. Only after almost two weeks of heavy fighting, the German troops left Eede and Aardenburg. On October 19, 1944, Scottish and Canadian forces entered Eede and the heavily damaged Aardenburg.

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Nationaal Monument De Nederlandsche Maagd, Brieversstraat Eede