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Battle for Dishoek




The Dishoek Coastal Battery was part of the Atlantikwall. The German occupiers established the more than 5.000 kilometres long line of defence to prevent an allied invasion. The Atlantikwall ran from Norway, via Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to France up to the border with Spain. The line of defence, which was never completely completed and did not entail much in many places, consisted of bunkers with various guns, minefields and barricades.

After their landing at Westkapelle on November 1, 1944 British Commando’s fought their way to Dishoek via Zoutelande. In the dunes near Klein-Valkenisse they were met with firm opposition which resulted in many dead and wounded soldiers on the Allied side. Despite a supporting bombardment launched from across the Westerschelde, the advance in the evening from November 2 came to a halt in front of the German coastal battery of Dishoek. Despite heavy losses, but with additional reinforcements, a new attack followed on November 3. At the end of the morning the German resistance was broken and the German control over the Westerschelde had ended. The route to Antwerp could be opened up.

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