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Civilian Experience in Pilsen

Republika Czeska

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6.92 km

This themed route highlights the civilian experience in the city of Pilsen during the Second World War, connecting important sites and stories and remembering certain individuals and what they endured. This trail includes sites and stories about the experience of those in the city of Pilsen during the Second World War, from inhabitants, to Resistance fighters, and the Jewish population.

Visitors can learn about the important sites and stories of those who defended the city of Pilsen, such as the memorial plaque at Čechova Street honouring Resistance fighters, and the events of 19 Klatovská Street, the German Military headquarters during the Nazi occupation. Locations such as Hotel Continental, used as a bomb shelter by inhabitants but also as a US Army headquarters, serve as a reminder of how wartime affected the everyday lives of the population and shaped the city and its buildings.

The route also highlights the experience and suffering of Jewish individuals, who were persecuted and deported. Learn the story of Vera Kohnová, or the Fanta family, and visit The Great Synagogue of Pilsen, the third largest in Europe and fifth largest worldwide, which was also occupied. The Garden of Memories Memorial, located in the Old Synagogue complex, offers a place for a moment of reflection and remembrance.

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