Peace Square Monuments

Republika Czeska




Peace Square (náměstí Míru), featuring a park, is one of the earliest places of remembrance in Pilsen and is the location of several World War II monuments.

As early as 1946, Peace Square (náměstí Míru) was chosen as the location of a memorial to the Victims of Fascism and War in Pilsen. The memorial was erected in the central part of the square only in 1967 on the basis of a competition.

The winning design featured a travertine sculpture titled "People" created by the sculptor Slavoj Nejdel, which represents the clenched formation of figures facing violence. The sculpture rests on horizontal granite pedestal with the motto "Honor to the one who defends himself, he can give his life for liberty" and was designed by architect Hynek Gloser Sr. The memorial was reconstructed in 2010.

After the closure of the Bory military airfield in 1966, a second monument was moved here dedicated to the Czechoslovak Military Pilots of the Second World War.

A third monument located on the square is dedicated to the Czech Popular uprising that broke out in the early morning of 5 May 1945.