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Nederweert on the front line for two months

Paesi Bassi





16.5 km

Operation Market Garden created a narrow strip of liberated territory in the east of North Brabant and the far west of Central Limburg in the second half of September 1944. Weert and most of Nederweert fell just inside the area. The German troops withdrew behind the Wessem-Nederweert Canal and the Noordervaart. From this position, they bombarded the Allies relentlessly and caused great damage with artillery shelling.

The Germans were able to seize the initiative again and opened a counterattack in late October with well-armed and skilfully led combat units. The British were able to halt the German advance by quickly redeploying troops from other fronts to the battlefield in Limburg. All of Nederweert was finally liberated on 15 November.