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Old Rectory Airmen's Memorial



Indicazioni stradali

An American B17 crashed in Beek in October 1943. The bomber was part of a major operation to bomb a ball bearing factory in Schweinfurt in Germany. With its 22-metre wingspan, the colossal aircraft left behind a crater with a diameter of 16 metres.

Nearly 300 bombers participated in the operation. This aircraft was hit over Hasselt by a German fighter. Residents of Sittard, Geleen and Beek saw it happen.

Nevertheless, the pilot initially managed to keep the heavily damaged plane in the air, but a violent explosion occurred near Sittard. One crew member lost his life. The pressure blew three other crew members out of the aircraft. They landed safely in Geleen. By then, the bombs had already rolled out of the B 17 and landed between Beek and Geleen, but failed to explode.

The plane itself crashed not much further away near the old rectory in Beek. Four of the ten crew members were killed, the remaining men were taken prisoner of war.

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