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Hemelse Berg



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Estate the Hemelse Berg became a shelter for refugees during de Battle of Arnhem, but they did not get through the war unscathed either.

The Hemelse Berg country estate was inhabited by the Beelaerts van Blokland family during the Battle of Arnhem. From the tower of the country house, which used to stand on the lawn beyond, the city centre of Arnhem was visible. It offered a sad view over the burning houses. 

On Tuesday September 19th, the first consequences of the battle were felt by the Beelaerts van Blokland family. A large refugee stream of over 250 people with children, babies and household goods had reached the estate. They were housed in different buildings. The day after, wounded soldiers arrived at the estate and were taken care of too. Because of the lack of medical resources, the wounded were initially taken to hotel the Tafelberg, but that became too dangerous later on.  

On Sunday 24 September, the entrance of the estate was hit by German artillery fire. The house caught fire, all the civilians fled and a few soldiers lost their lives. The whole manor burned down. Part of the Beelaerts van Blokland family stayed in the basement of the burnt down mansion in the hope that the Allies could still break through, but the British troops evacuated the next day and the liberation did not happen until April 1945.