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Craving peace



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Fierce battles take place in and around Nispen prior to its liberation. When it finally comes on the 26th of October 1944, there have been many military and civilian casualties. In Nispen, a plan has already been drawn up for a symbol of peace. It is this Vredeskapel, a Peace Chapel, designed by Joseph Cuijpers.

In the days before its liberation, there was exceptionally fierce fighting in and around Nispen. Units of the 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division, known as the Polar Bears, had been tasked to capture Nispen, but they came up against heavy German fire, especially at the Honingbossen. The Polar Bears eventually managed to liberate Nispen on the 26th of October 1944.

The village had been in the front line and was fired upon by both German and Allied artillery and mortars. But after the German troops were driven back, they continued to launch grenades at Nispen from the direction of Roosendaal. This again caused casualties.