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Caesar in the bomb crater



Indicazioni stradali

At the end of October 1944, Wagenberg is under heavy artillery fire. There are many casualties among the villagers. A Red Cross volunteer is looking for his horse, Caesar, to take the injured by horse and cart to the hospital.

In late October 1944, the 1st Polish Armoured Division approached the villages of Terheijden and Wagenberg from the south. The Germans had retreated to a defensive line behind the Mark and the Mark Canal. The Poles made several attempts to break through this line. This resulted in Terheijden and Wagenberg, just behind German lines, being subjected to devastating artillery fire. A barrage of grenades was fired, both from the Nieuwe Veer as well as the Mark Canal. What’s more, air strikes were launched by RAF fighter-bombers.

There were many deaths and injuries among civilians. Risking his own life, in Wagenberg, Red Cross volunteer Piet Meeuwissen attempted to transport the wounded to the hospital.

On the 4th of November 1944, the German resistance broke. The Poles managed to cross the Mark Canal and liberate Wagenberg. But the shelling only stopped on the 9th of November when Moerdijk was liberated.