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Snipers and guns

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The Americans encounter some German resistance when they capture Eindhoven, but they take the city fairly quickly. Here in Vlokhoven, a German sniper has the troops under fire and claims several victims. In Woenselsestraat, there are two heavy German guns and they fire at the advancing American paratroopers. The missiles fly horizontally across the street at the paratroopers. The people of Eindhoven rush to help in all kinds of ways.

On September 17 1944, American paratroopers from the 506th regiment of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division had to capture Eindhoven. They had landed that day at Son and had encountered greater German resistance than expected. They spent the night at Bokt. The next day, they advanced to Eindhoven.

No major battles took place, but the Germans did not relinquish Eindhoven without a fight. Snipers were deployed on the Woenselsestraat and there were two 88 mm guns, a feared German anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapon. The guns fired their shells horizontally across the street. The American advance was temporarily halted, but after a flanking manoeuvre, the guns were knocked out. Eindhoven was liberated.

Vlokhovenseweg 43, Eindhoven