The tomato truck bombings




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On 28 June 1940, two days before Guernsey became occupied by German troops, this pier, known as ‘White Rock’, was bombed.

​​On 28 June 1940, German reconnaissance planes spotted some Guernsey tomato trucks lined up on the harbour, ready for export. Mistaking them for military vehicles, they began attacking from the air.

The bombs caused damage to the surrounding area. The clock on the clocktower, which is still standing today and located next to the Liberation Monument, was burnt out and stopped just before 19:00.

After delivering two attacks on the harbour, the planes split up and individually attacked elsewhere on the island. In total, 34 people were killed and 33 were injured. The plaque located here remembers them.

This harbour was also where the Red Cross Ship, SS Vega, made its visits to Guernsey during the occupation. It docked in the harbour and brought much needed relief to the starving islanders.

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St. Julians Pier, St. Peter Port, GY1 1LN , Guernsey