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Tragedies at Saint-Symphorien II



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Saint-Symphorien is a village southeast of Mons on the road to Binche. On the periphery of 3rd AD operations, it suffered two tragedies that overshadowed the Liberation.

The second tragedy occurred at around 10 a.m., when a German truck stopped on the chemin d'Harmignies. The driver got out, inspected the engine, then abandoned his broken-down vehicle. He warns a lady that the vehicle is booby-trapped and that "...tomorrow, when the British arrive, everything will blow up". Curious onlookers triggered the truck's explosion, a tremendous bang that could be heard over 500 meters away. Alphonse Dutrieux was wounded in the back. Germain Solon was killed on his doorstep. The bodies of Auguste Toubeau are found in a ditch, and Albert Woutquenne hanging from electric wires. The bodies of Achille Bauwens, Vital Duquesne and Robert Liénard are unrecognizable. César Battistella was taken to Bapaume hospital, but died during transport. Seven civilians were killed in the disaster. Today, a monument to this tragedy stands in rue Blancart.

Rue de Saint-Symphorien, 66 7030 Saint-Symphorien