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M4 Sherman Dolly Tank and Memorial​



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​​The memorial and Sherman tank located here in Hastière commemorate the actions of the US Army here on 5 September 1944. They successfully liberated the town after two days of fighting.​

​​Hastière was liberated by the 2nd and 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment of the US 9th Infantry Division with support from the US 3rd Armoured Division and 4th Cavalry Group.

Following two days of fighting against the German 2nd SS ‘Das Reich’ Panzer Division, the town was finally liberated.

The memorial honours the soldiers of the US 9th Infantry Division and Commander Major General J Lawton Collins.

The Sherman tank, named ‘Dolly’, stands as a memorial to the Armoured Division. To the left side of the Sherman tank (facing the road), an impact mark from a shell is visible. It is more than likely that a round of ammunition penetrating the side of the Sherman tank in this position would have killed or severely wounded the crew members on board.

​​Rue du Centenaire​, Hastière, 5540