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Monument Civilian Casualties Milsbeek



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During the Second World War, Milsbeek suffered a relatively high number of civilian casualties. Most fell when the village became frontline territory in September 1944 after the big airborne landings near Groesbeek. The memorial near the RK church commemorates the fallen villagers. A little further on, in the parochial cemetery behind the church, soldiers found their last resting place at the British War Cemetery.

After Operation Market Garden, Milsbeek became frontline territory. In October, the population even had to evacuate. Only in the course of spring, after the liberation of the village, could the inhabitants return. Victims were still killed by landmines, booby traps and war gear left behind. For example, the Franken brothers. The panel at the monument tells three special stories from this period.

Hoek Kerkstraat-Langstraat, Milsbeek