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An unknown grave in Krewerd



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As a grocer, Ruurd de Bruin was closely involved in the resistance in Northeast Groningen. In August 1944 he was arrested in Winschoten and interrogated at the Winschoten police station, after which he was transferred to the SD-stelle in Delfzijl. On September 10, 1944, Ruurd was taken from his cell and executed between Krewerd and Holwierde.

Hilbrand de Bruin, Ruurd's brother, had in October 1943 a leading position in the resistance in Northeast Groningen. As a grocer, Ruurd visited many people in and around Winschoten. Ruurd was soon given an important task in the resistance. He delivered ration cards and illegal magazines and moved people in hiding. Because Ruurd's brother soon played a leading role at the KP and LO in Winschoten and the surrounding area, Ruurd almost unnoticed took over the most important tasks.

In addition to the resistance work, Ruurd, as the eldest of the family, was also responsible for the two people in hiding, who stayed with the family for quite some time. The Sicherheitsdienst (SD) became aware of Hilbrand's work in August 1944 and conducted a raid on September 8. Both brothers were at home, and Ruurd was listening to radio Oranje upstairs, and Hilbrand was in his hiding place. The SD searched the house but could not find Hilbrand's hiding place. Ruurd was then terribly abused and interrogated, but he refused to reveal the location of the hiding place. The SD members acted like devils, photos were torn from the wall and trampled on; shots were fired into the corners and through the walls.

Hilbrand could hear everything and was terrified. When Hilbrand remained untraceable, Ruurd and his sister Grietje were taken. They were interrogated at the police station in Winschoten and from there transferred to the SD-stelle in Delfzijl. On September 10, 1944, Ruurd was taken from his cell and executed between Holwierde and Krewerd. The next day he was found by citizens who alerted the police.

Because the SD had confiscated all identification papers, identifying Ruurd was impossible. After the police took some photos, he was buried by local residents. In June 1945, the de Bruin family learned the location of Ruurd's grave.The reburial took place in Winschoten on July 5, 1945.

Holwierderweg 28 9904 PB Krewerd