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Museum airfield Deelen



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Museum Vliegbasis Deelen is located on the road from Hoenderloo to Schaarsbergen. The former air base is a former German 'Gefechtsstand' and has recently been listed. The museum focuses on the Night Fight 1940-1945 and the air battle above the province of Gelderland. Scale-models, original footage, photos, finds and military objects (including a V1 replica with original interior) show the history of Vliegbasis Deelen during the Second World War. The restoration of the 2x3m map etched on glass is unique. The glass map was used by the German Night Fight command to help them intercept approaching allied bomber formations. For more than 4 years the museum has been trying to put the 4000 pieces of broken glass back together in order to make the map complete again. Often found after years of searching, all objects, photos, uniforms etc. in the museum are original, making Museum Deelen a 'museum full of stories'.

Delenseweg 20 6877 AE Deelen

+31 (0) 6 20901649