Seventy evacuees from Arnhem and Limburg

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The grave monument in Gytsjerkwas erected in memory of Maria v/d Heuij. Maria was one of seventy evacuees from Arnhem and Limburg who arrived in Gytsjerk on 22 January 1945. Maria died a day later, just a few months old. The harsh conditions during the trip had proved fatal to her. Maria did not live to see the liberation. Fortunately, many of the other evacuees with whom she undertook the journey did. ,

The monument's spiritual father, artist Klaas Bokma, chose two carts because this was the means of transport often used by evacuees. The four withered trees symbolise death. The cross is not only a symbol of the Christian faith, but also a reminder of the sacrifice made by war victims for a life of freedom.  

The oldest pupils of Ichtus and Thrimwalda primary schools take care of this monument.