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Museum Warkums Erfskip



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Annexe in former Workum town hall: permanent exhibition "War and Resistance in Workum"

Museum Warkums Erfskip resides in the old Weighing house in the city centre and tells the story of Workum and its surroundings.  

The museum has an annexe in Workum's former town hall. The attic of this beautiful building houses the permanent exhibition 'War and Resistance in Workum'. Here, through stories and memories, visitors experience life during the Occupation.  

They are also confronted with the choices you may have to face in times of war. The scale of right or wrong is a great example of this. Besides the story of resistance woman Tiny van Workum, other stories are told in an engaging, gripping manner. Like the crash of the Lancaster bomber, the raid on the town hall, the printing of the resistance newspaper B.B.C. News, and the war years of prisoner of war Roelof Ybema.  

This site is also part of the 'Air War in Friesland' cycling route as part of the Battle for the Wadden theme. 

Merk 4, 8711 CL Workum