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Amber Beach



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in the early morning of October 26, the first units of the Scottish 156th Infantry Brigade landed on Amber Beach, just south of Baarland. During this landing, which was codenamed Operation Vitality II, Buffalo amphibious vehicles were used.

Without too much resistance, they soon managed to create a bridgehead and connect it with the bridgehead at the second landing area, called Green Beach, just south of Hoedekenskerke, around 10 am. At that time, the first reinforcements arrived with amphibious vehicles and the first wounded soldiers and German prisoners of war had already been taken to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The German defences were surprised, but reacted quickly.

From the island of Walcheren, German troops attacked the landing areas using artillery and mortars, causing a number of vessels to sink. Before the end of the morning, German troops organised a counter-attack. They wanted to drive the Scots back at all costs. However, the Scottish 156th Infantry Brigade managed to hold their position and take Baarland and Oudelande. Now the Scots were able to prepare themselves for the bloody struggle for the Walcheren causeway.

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Zeedijk, Baarland