​​Fritz Luck​



​​Fritz Luck (16 April 1913 - 22 July 1944), was a soldier in the German navy from 1933 onwards. He died in a car accident during a troop transport.​

​​Fritz Luck was born in Duisburg on 16 April 1913 and had three siblings. After finishing school, he completed training at the naval club. From there he applied to the Navy in Kiel, which he joined in October 1932. In 1933 he completed his training as a professional soldier in Swinemünde and was detached to Pillau in March. According to his relatives, he worked there as an instructor. On 6 August 1938, he married Else, née Busch, and they had two children together.

During the war, Luck was commissioned as a 1st Company Naval Artillery Mate in the Marinestoßtrupp-Abteilung (Naval Shock Troop Detachment). On 17 June 1940, he was killed in a car accident during a troop transport at Brionne. News of her husband's death reached Else Luck when she was just under three months pregnant with their daughter, Friedlinde.

According to the family, Luck was first buried in Lisieux. Today, he rests in the war cemetery in La Cambe in block 36, grave 15. In 2011, his daughter was able to visit the grave for the first time, which was a moving moment for her. On behalf of his father, the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. (German War Graves Commission) regularly decorates Luck's grave with flowers on his birthday and on Totensonntag. The latter is a Protestant holiday observed on the last Sunday of the church year on which to commemorate the dead.