Genny Bibolotti Marsili



Genny Bibolotti Marsili was displaced from Pietrasanta with her son Mario. She was rounded up and taken to a stable in the Vaccareccia locality. Fearing for her son's life, she distracted the Nazis with a hoof and was killed. Mario was saved.

Genny Bibolotti Marsili was born in Pietrasanta and got married in 1937 at the age of 23. In 1938, she became a mother. After the evacuation order of 5 June 1944, Genny had moved to Sant'Anna di Stazzema with her parents, Umberto Bibolotti and Bianca Navari, her brothers and her son (who would have turned six on 14 August). When the Nazi soldiers arrived, Genny was at home in Vaccareccia. She was rounded up and taken to a stable together with fifteen or twenty people. Genny understood the imminent danger, took her son and put him astride two protruding stones behind the door just before the Nazi soldiers started shooting. So told her son Mario who, although hidden, managed to see people trying in vain to escape while the Nazis pushed them back into the stable. Mario watched a tongue of fire enter the stable, perhaps a flamethrower. As the smoke rose, a soldier approached the door. Genny noticed him and, fearing for the fate of her son, took off a clog and threw it at the soldier, managing to divert his attention. Mario continued to watch. He saw with his own eyes how the Nazi shot his mother, who fell to the ground dead. Due to the fire started by the Nazis started after shooting several people, Mario was seriously injured. Someone rescued him and took him to the Valdicastello hospital, where he stayed for a long time due to the severe burns he had sustained.

The memory of Genny Bibolotti Marsili, courageous mother of Sant'Anna di Stazzema, has been keept by many since 1945. Her deeds were recounted by writer and journalist Filippo Sacchi, and she was painted by the artist Carlo Levi. The painting was published as the cover of the newspaper La Domenica degli Italiani (Italian Sunday) on 9 December 1945. Her story continues to be transmitted. On 3 February 2003, her memory was honoured by the Italian Republic with the awarding of the Medaglia d’oro al valor civile.