Holandia / Miejsce zainteresowania

The old Town Hall in Veghel




During Operation Market Garden, the allied troops passed the Veghel Town Hall under intense public interest. The huge convoy was on its way to Arnhem. Even the residents of areas that had not yet been liberated crossed enemy lines to take a look in Veghel.

On 17 September 1944, during Operation Market Garden, American paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division captured the four bridges in Veghel. Then, all that day and night, a huge convoy of heavy Allied equipment passed the Town Hall towards Arnhem.

Residents of Veghel and surrounding municipalities passed through the German lines towards the Town Hall to see the spectacle from up close. And then to return home in the evening. Thick rows of celebrating crowds greeted the passing troops. Messages on the vehicles that Eindhoven had been liberated were added to by messages from the people of Veghel to the villages in the direction of Nijmegen that the liberation was a fact here too.

Two German counterattacks meanwhile cut off the advance through the narrow corridor for several days. The area around Veghel became the front line with heavy fighting. The road that the Allies used to advance northward was renamed Hell's Highway.

Markt 1, 5461 JJ Veghel