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Chaplain Kock




On the 1st of November 1944, Chaplain Kock enthusiastically welcomes his Canadian liberators, while German prisoners-of-war look on. Shortly after, German troops recapture parts of Welberg. They remove the chaplain from his shelter because in their eyes, he is a spy.

On the night of the 31st of October 1944, when Canadian troops from the Algonquin Regiment entered Welberg and thought they had secured the village, they were surprised by two heavy German counterattacks. Among other equipment, the German troops had two Sturmgeschütze, dreaded mobile tracked guns. They were able to recapture Welberg from the Canadians.

Local people from Welberg were hiding together anxiously in a shelter, including Chaplain Kock. When he became aware of the Canadians, he thought Welberg had been liberated. He welcomed the Canadians and spoke in English with them. There were German prisoners-of-war nearby. But the Germans recaptured Welberg and freed the prisoners-of-war. They then dragged Chaplain Kock from his shelter, beat him and killed him.

Kaartenwaaier _panorama