Skirmishes at "la Malogne"





At 10 a.m. on Sunday September 3, the tanks of Task Force Mills (CCB/3rd AD) pass through Cuesmes on their way to Jemappes. Seven tanks were deployed on the square, and observers set up in the bell tower.

From their vantage point, they spotted activity on the rue de la Malogne. Two small groups of resistance fighters from the Milices Patriotiques are about to intervene.The Cardinal group reached rue de la Malogne by truck. The Benny group went up the rue de Frameries and came under fire at the Pont Clara (railroad bridge, now the RAVEL L98). Two Resistance fighters are killed. Fighting breaks out on rue Jean Botte, and an American tank arrives to the rescue.

The Stoquart group (a third group of resistance fighters) spots 300 German soldiers coming down from Frameries with a few vehicles and carts, preceded by some twenty hostages pushed forward as human shields. From the heights of the Crachet slag heap, Stoquart's men pellet the surprised Germans, who retaliate and force the resistance fighters to retreat towards Frameries. They harassed the Germans with their fire, as the column headed back towards Cuesmes.

Arriving at Clara Bridge, the troop was spotted by American tanks, which opened fire.

One shot hits the bridge arch.A second hit a semi-trailer and a cart.The Germans fled down the Chemin de la Malogne, along the railroad line, taking the hostages with them. In Rue de la Malogne, they set up a small cannon and fired on the Cardinal group, which suffered casualties and had to withdraw, abandoning its truck to the Germans.An air attack destroys a second cart. The Germans retreat towards the Mons-Bavay road.From the Héribus, American tanks destroy the truck and kill the horses of a final cart.Civilians are killed or wounded by grenades thrown into cellars. Many Germans are taken prisoner and regrouped near the Craibel factory.


Rue de la Malogne, 7033 Cuesmes