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Warelles castle





On the evening of September 2, the 3rd AD headquarters moved into the château de Warelles.

General Maurice Rose had only been in command of the division since August 7. He was already a spirited armored officer who had fought in Tunisia and Sicily, where he was noticed. On June 7, 1944, he landed on Omaha Beach at the head of the CCA of the 2nd Armored Division. His actions at Carentan were decisive, as they were during Operation Cobra at the end of July. It was he who led the VII Corps eastwards and then towards Mons (he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his energetic command throughout the summer of 1944). The General Staff moves into a large room on the first floor. Throughout the night, the château was surrounded by gunfire between retreating German groups and the American elements deployed around Quévy.


Grand Route 26, 7040 Mons