At the Cheval Blanc crossroads





The Cheval Blanc crossroads is a strategic point south of Mons. It is the crossroads of two essential roads for the belligerents.

On the one hand, the German retreat flowed from the Borinage towards Binche, Charleroi and Germany. On the other, the Americans of the VII Corps passed through on their way up to Mons. A meeting of the two flows was inevitable. On the afternoon of September 2, Task Force Y, coming from Maubeuge, lost two Sherman tanks, destroyed by anti-tank fire and probably at least one Panzerfaust shot. These were the first two American tanks destroyed in Belgium. The column held the crossroads for around two hours, while an infantry company cleared the area west of the causeway. Task Force Y then took to the road again towards Mons, reaching Hyon at 6:30 p.m. and reaching the bivouac area between Mesvin and the Héribus slag heap at 7:30 p.m.


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