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War Museum Middelstum




War Museum Middelstum was founded in 2015 by owner Ties Groenewold. The museum covers approximately 80m² and focuses on the story of the period 1939-1945 in the province of Groningen and the Eems-Dollard (Borkum and Emden) region.

Through objects, photos, and documents, the museum narrates the history of the province of Groningen, Emden, and Borkum during the period 1939-1945. The collection includes numerous uniforms, decorations, utensils, (white) weapons, and ammunition from all warring parties. The Air Protection Service and the air war are also extensively covered. One of the museum's specializations is the German navy, known as Kriegsmarine. Additionally, the museum houses a comprehensive military-historical archive consisting of thousands of photos and documents, mostly from the region.

Upon entering, visitors first encounter display cases containing objects related to liberation and liberators. Immediately following are displays depicting mobilization and civilian life under German rule, including the persecution of Jews and (prisoner of) war experiences. On the other side of these displays, visitors see various German everyday items, the theme of National Socialism in the Netherlands, the Air Protection Service, and the SS in the province of Groningen. The air war over the northern Netherlands is extensively covered through ground finds of crashed aircraft and other objects and photos. The majority of the collection focuses on the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe in the province of Groningen. Here, visitors can see hundreds of objects used by German military personnel in this area. Due to its local orientation, the museum attracts significant interest from all over the Netherlands. During the ten days per year that the museum is open (April-October), between 700 and 900 visitors come.

In addition to collecting material from wartime, the museum conducts extensive research on the objects, photos, documents, and, above all, people from that time. The museum has become a resource for other museums, foundations, institutions, authors, and individuals.

Oude Schoolsterweg 24, 9991 CR Middelstum