Hastière Liberation Memorial





​​From 5 to 6 September 1944, the US 9th Infantry Division liberated the town of Hastière, as they pushed through the Ardennes region. This memorial is dedicated to their efforts.​

​​The US 9th Infantry Division were known as the ‘Old Reliables’. From France they had pushed east across into Belgium to the area of Charleroi. Heading towards the River Meuse they encountered the German 2nd SS ‘Das Reich’ Panzer Division. From 5 to 6 September, they slowly cleared the small town of Hastière, before continuing their advance towards the city of Dinant.

According to accounts from the US Division's records, the Germany Army they faced was ‘disorganised, cut piecemeal and mustered only a fraction of their planned strength’. It was also recorded that the closer the US troops got to the River Meuse, the more intense German fire became. This was to try to slow down the advance of the American forces as they tried to cross the river. Furthermore, remains of German vehicles and equipment littered the routes, slowing the advance.

The records also referenced the ‘invaluable aid’ provided by the Belgium Maquis (Resistance) and civilians, who proved to be ‘excellent allies’. The US soldiers saw the effect of liberation on the local civilians, and the appreciation they showed towards them.

A large memorial stone is placed here, with a plaque, that commemorates the soldiers of the 47th and 60th Infantry Regiment, US 9th Infantry Division. It also remembers the Belgian and French victims of the Nazis.

The plaque reads (in French):

'To the memory of the brave soldiers of the 47th and 60th Regiments of the US 9th Infantry Division 

fallen here on 5 and 6 September 1944 

and the Belgian and French volunteers 

victims of the Nazis 

and demonstrating exemplary bravery 



​​Rue du Village​, Hastière, 5542