Holandia / Cmentarz

National Veterans Cemetery & Memorial and Education Centre




Located next to National War Cemetery Loenen is the National Veterans Cemetery. At this impressive site, military personnel who have dedicated themselves to peace and safety, both inside and outside the Netherlands, are laid to rest. The war cemetery and veterans cemetery have a joint Memorial and Education Centre. This beautiful building is both a place to say goodbye to the departed, and a place to learn about the stories of relatives of war victims.

In the educational section of the centre, visitors come face to face with several relatives: those of Anton de Kom (resistance fighter), Ben Buunk (‘England sailor’ during the war), Philip Schwarz (Jewish victim of persecution ), Anda Kerkhoven (resistance fighter), Raviv van Renssen (military soldier killed in Srebrenica) and Timo Smeehuijzen (military soldier killed in Afghanistan). Each of them talks about their lost loved ones, and the lives they led.

In the second part of the exhibition, using an interactive world map, visitors have the opportunity to meet veterans who recount their experiences in war zones first-hand. The stories give an overview of the many international (peace) missions that continue to this day. Additionally, an introductory film offers perspectives on war and peace, then and now.

Groenendaalseweg 68, 7371 EZ Loenen