Roosevelt Information Centre





Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt's ancestors most probably hailed from Oud-Vossemeer. A small exhibition in the former courthouse and town hall tells about the roots of these American former presidents and their influence on world history. With an important place for the 'Four Freedoms'.

During his 1941 State of the Union address, President Franklin Roosevelt formulated four fundamental freedoms that should apply to every human being: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear and freedom from want. The Four Freedoms would later form the basis for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To cultivate his ideals, a foundation was established six years after his death to award prizes to Americans who work to propagate and safeguard these freedoms. Since the 100th anniversary of the President's birth in 1982 and the celebration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between the US and the Netherlands, the Four Freedoms Awards have also been presented outside the US. On even-numbered years, this is done in Middelburg, on odd-numbered years, in New York.

Each year, an award is presented for each of the Four Freedoms, as well as an International Four Freedoms Award, a general freedom award. The Awards have already brought many prominent figures and human rights fighters to Middelburg.

The Roosevelt Information Centre in Oud-Vossemeer was opened in 2016 by Princess Beatrix and three members of the Roosevelt family. A short walking route has been created along places related to the Van Rosevelt family. At the corner of Voorstraat and Raadhuisstraat, near the large clock, Smidsklokje, there is an information panel about the routes.


Raadhuisstraat 54698 AJ Oud-Vossemeer