Memorial Mayor Luske





This monument was erected in memory of mayor Jacques Luske, who helped people in hiding during the war. He was arrested for this and died in Neuengamme concentration camp.

In 1943, 'Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber' General Christiansen announced that 300,000 Dutch soldiers would still be taken as prisoners of war. In protest against this measure, the 'April-May strike' broke out all over the Netherlands. Mayor Luske did not remain indifferent and actively helped to place people in hiding.

During a raid, several people in hiding were arrested. During tough interrogations, three of them succumbed to the pressure and admitted that the mayor had mediated in the hiding. Luske was arrested on 6 March 1944 and ended up in Germany via Arnhem, Amersfoort and Vught. In late December 1944, aged 43, he died in Neuengamme concentration camp. His remains were transferred to the Heilig Landstichting Cemetery in 1951.

The monument was unveiled in May 2001, together with Luske's children. Jacques Luske was also mayor of the former municipality of Bergharen, which is why there is also a monument to him there.


Bredestraat-Molenweg in Horssen