Monument to Aldo Salvetti





In his early twenties, Aldo Salvetti was captured, tortured and finally crucified to a gateway. He never revealed the names of his partisan comrades.

Born on 27 November 1923 in Mirteto, a hamlet of the city of Massa that is connected by the Foce canal to the nearby town of Carrara, he became an apprentice carpenter and an active partisan within the Aldo Cartolari group, a detachment of the 'Ugo Muccini' Garibaldi Brigade later renamed 'Gino Menconi'.

On 18 September 1944, he and his comrades attacked some German soldiers garrisoned in Castagnola. The clash was averted by a sentry and led to the death of two partisans. Salvetti himself suffered a leg wound. The next day, after trying unsuccessfully to take cover by passing through a barbed wire fence, he was spotted and caught.

Subjected to atrocious torture and public mockery in the streets of the city, he did not reveal the names of his comrades and was awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valour in memory, and the plaque in Via Castagnola di Sopra just outside the centre of Massa is dedicated to him. This is a marble work bordered by chains and pillars on which is written 'purest hero of the Italian Resistance, gold medal in memory'. After being wounded, he was crucified and before he breathed out his last breath, he cried out to his executioners, 'You will know the name of my comrades when they come to avenge me.'

The ultimate example of patriotic love of absolute dedication to freedom. Castagnola 19 September 1944 - 54." The public vocational school in Massa and a road in Mirteto are also dedicated to his memory.


Via Castagnola di Sopra, 22-28, Massa