Canadian War Memorial in Quota 204





The monument is devoted to the fallen Canadians who, between 31 August and 1 September 1944, conquered Quota 204 by breaking through the Gothic Line. The author of the memorial is architect G. Rombini. It also comprises two iron and steel bas-reliefs by sculptor Terenzio Pedini and two bronze plaques.

In 1997, at the site of Pozzo Alto battle, in the village of Montechiaro, the town of Tavullia erected a large monument to commemorate those young Canadian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the Liberation of the town of Tavullia.

The last battle between the Allies and Germans on the Gothic Line on the southern slope of the Romagna Apennines facing the Marche region was fought in the town of Tavullia on 31 August 1944. On this date, in the town of Pozzo Alto (also known as 'Quota 204', the authentic core of the area's defences) Canadian units of the 1st and 5th Divisions and German paratroopers, as well as other Wehrmacht units, clashed.

During the day of 31 August, 'Quota 204' was disputed several times by the two armies. In the morning, it was taken by the Allied armoured units, while in the late afternoon and at night, a fierce German counter-offensive took place. After further bloody clashes, the following morning the German units decided to break away and retreat to the second defensive line, thus allowing the Canadians to occupy Pozzo Alto and conquer Mount Marrone and the town of Tavullia. Credit for this victory is owed to a brave action by the 9th Canadian Armoured Battalion British Columbia Dragoons, Lieutenant Colonel F.A. Vokes, who managed to break through the German resistance and finally conquer that position.


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