Memorial Museum of the second Polish Corps





The museum is dedicated to the 2nd Polish Army Corps under the command of General Władysław Anders in the Battle of Cassino. Placed at the entrance to the Polish Cemetery, it describes in detail the odyssey of the Polish soldiers who fought at Cassino in May 1944, until the conquest of the Monastery on the 18th; then in the subsequent Italian Campaign until the liberation of Bologna on 23 April 1945.

The museum's interior features large, impressive photo displays, with descriptions in Italian, Polish and English, as well as films of the battle and relics collected from the battlefield. Multilingual museum guides, highly knowledgeable about the historical events, narrate the odyssey of these brave Soldiers, over a thousand of whom lie in the adjoining War Cemetery at Monte Cassino.

The Memorial Museum of the Second Polish Corps at Monte Cassino came into being thanks to the generosity of donors from all over the world. Funds were raised in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Italy and Poland. These are places where battle veterans were forced to emigrate after the war, as they could not return to Poland because they were subject to all sorts of persecution and punishment. After a long administrative process, it was finally inaugurated on 17 May 2014 in the presence of many Polish Battle veterans and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. It quickly became an important and unavoidable part of the visit to the adjoining Polish War Cemetery.

The narration of the endless road travelled by these Soldiers from 1939 until 1945, their odyssey continuing beyond the end of the War, arouses admiration and surprise in visitors, as many people do not know about them. In its short history, the Museum has been visited by several Heads of State from all over the world, and of course by Italian President Sergio Mattarella. A necessary visit to understand the Sacrifice of the Polish Soldiers in the conquest of the Monastery of Montecassino and in general all the historical events related to the Battle of Cassino.


Cimitero Polacco, Cassino

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