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The Remembrance Museum in Borgo a Mozzano (about 20 km from Lucca) preserves war relics, posters and documents from WWII. Visitors can also visit the exceptionally well-preserved fortifications built by the Todt organisation along the Gothic Line.

The Remembrance Museum was established in Borgo a Mozzano to complete a project that included the creation of a Committee for the Recovery and Enhancement of the Gothic Line and the carrying out and enjoyment of itineraries along the Gothic Line itself. In 2021, the exhibition was renovated in the former Oblate Convent downtown. It is divided into two parts: in the first part, objects, equipment and war relics donated by private citizens are displayed, together with explanatory panels containing photographs and historical information; in the second part, an interactive space has been developed where films relating to the Gothic Line are displayed in a continuous loop.

The concentration of Gothic works in the municipality makes this area absolutely exceptional in the history of the Second World War in Italy: a true unicum of military engineering. The bunkers, tunnels, anti-tank walls, firing positions cut from rock and well-preserved trenches that are easy to visit provide an original experience on the German defensive line commissioned by Albert Kesselring to halt the Allied advance towards northern Italy. These works have not deteriorated over time and still retain their original appearance today. Outdoor enthusiasts can not only reach the fortifications at street level, but also the high bunkers in the hills above the village, thanks to the paths through the green chestnut forests.

Upon request, guided tours are organised to the fortifications, guarded by the Committee for the Recovery and Enhancement of the Gothic Line in cooperation with the Borgo a Mozzano town and the Pro Loco di Borgo a Mozzano, and to the main monuments in the area (Ponte del Diavolo, parish churches, convents, hermitages and fortifications of the Republic of Lucca). One of the most famous and evocative medieval bridges to be found in Europe is the Devil's Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano. Built by Countess Matilda of Canossa in the 11th century, and surviving the war, it offers a unique spectacle for the visitor due to its particular shape and the beauty of the valley in which it is located.

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