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Flags out twice




During the last days of the war, the Hoofdstraat in Winsum and Obergum was full of horses and wagons and all refugees; Germans and Dutchmen who had enlisted in the German army. They were all in uniform.

F. Dijkstra experiences the liberation in Winsum. He remembers: “When the Canadians were about at Adorp, we liberated ourselves in Winsum. The flags went out. After five years of storage. After all, sticking out the red-white-blue was forbidden by the occupiers.

“Everyone took to the streets and celebrated the liberation. Until suddenly our own police went through the village and shouted; Catch up the flags, the Germans are coming back. Then everyone brought in the flag and calmly waited to see what would happen.”

“The reason for this panic was that a car with four Germans came back from Uithuizen and while firing past Warffum and Baflo went towards Winsum. Two police officers then jumped up to their necks in a ditch opposite the Obergumer cemetery. They were afraid of being shot at.”

“Gradus Willemsem, who was nearby, shot at the German car from the Lijnbaan with a double-barrelled shotgun. Successfully. The Germans turned their car and left for Uithuizen again. Two hours later the Canadians entered our village. Then we were really liberated and the flags could be put out again.”

Hoofdstraat W 6 9951 AB Winsum