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Rocchetta Mattei Castle




The Rocchetta Mattei castle is located in Savignano (Grizzana Morandi) on the Porrettana state road no. 64. During the German occupation of Italy, it became the headquarters of an SS battalion.

Rocchetta Mattei was built by Count Cesare Mattei (1809-1896) on the ruins of the Rocca di Savignano, an ancient residence dating back to medieval times. The castle was built between 1850 and 1871 and modified several times by both the count and his heirs. Inside, there is a labyrinth of towers, monumental staircases, reception rooms and private chambers, built in very different styles: from neo-medieval to neo-Renaissance, Moorish to Art Nouveau. 

Within a short time, Rocchetta Mattei was known all over Europe and became famous as a cure house where certain alternative medicine methods were experimented with, in particular electromeopathy, and where electromeopathic products were prepared and shipped everywhere. The castle brought work and prosperity to many families in the area. 

After the Armistice, it was occupied by Third Reich troops and was turned into the headquarters of the 2nd Battalion of the 36th Regiment of the 16th. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division 'Reichsführer SS'. The interior spaces were completely devastated and many valuable pieces of furniture were burnt to heat the rooms. In the days before the Liberation, the fleeing soldiers stole all kinds of goods (documents, jewellery, paintings, Persian carpets, tapestries, etc.). This is why visitors today find it almost completely unfurnished. 

On 9 November 1944, near Rocchetta Mattei, 18-year-old partisan Giovanni Rastelletti, battle name 'Bobi', belonging to the Folloni brigade of the Modena Montagna division, was killed by German shrapnel. 

The Rocchetta Mattei, described as a real fairytale castle, is now open to the public and can be visited by appointment.

Via Rocchetta, 46A, 40030 Grizzana Morandi

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