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Liberation of Jersey



After five long years, on 9 May 1945 the Channel Islands were freed from German military occupation, without armed conflict, by British Liberation Force 135. Landing in both Guernsey and Jersey, the ‘Tommies’ were greeted by crowds of cheering Islanders, joyously celebrating their freedom.

The Jersey Liberation route consists of 13 special places intimately connected with the events of the Liberation, or those forming part of the broader Liberation story. The route includes St Helier Harbour which was the focus of the activity on the day, with many civilians heading down to watch the magnificent events of the Liberation taking place. A young Stan Hockley remembers the arrival of the first troops:

‘It was quite amazing because everyone wanted to touch them, clap them on the back, the girls wanted to kiss them and some people wanted to scrounge their cigarettes, but however, that was what Liberation was all about, we were at last free.’

Also featured is the so called ‘Fauvic Embarkation Point’ on Jersey’s east coast, from where more than 150 Islanders attempted to escape to England and France during the Occupation. Nor is the lifesaving role of the International Red Cross forgotten. With thanks to them, the SS Vega visited the Channel Islands six times with lifesaving food parcels and medical supplies. Half-way along the Albert Pier, a large golden ‘V for Victory’ commemorates its first arrival on 30 December 1944.

Immerse yourself in some of Jersey’s character-defining Occupation stories and discover something new and unexpected.

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