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Weilerbach US Memorial




The Weilerbach US Memorial is primarily dedicated to the US 10th Infantry Regiment and US 7th Engineer Combat Battalion. Both units were attached to the US 5th Infantry ‘Red Diamond’ Division. The memorial was erected in 1987 on the initiative of the National Museum of Military History of Diekirch. This was on the occasion of a ‘return to Luxembourg’ tour group by US veterans of the two pre-mentioned units headed by Major General (ret) William M. Breckinridge.

Situated on the Luxembourg banks of the Sauer (Sûre) river, the memorial features a descriptive bronze plaque mounted on a pedestal in the shape of a  five pointed US star topped by a ‘diamond’ of red Luxembourg sandstone. 

Overlooking the river and opposite German borderlands, it stands at the former 7 February 1945 Sauer river crossing site, next to a wooden footbridge. Crossing the latter one by foot and walking over to the German side, you can still observe the remains of a German machinegun pillbox. The pillbox caused significant trouble during the crossing, with two days of combined costly efforts by the US Infantry and Engineers needed to finally silence it using explosives such as satchel charges and Bangalore torpedoes.

Route de Diekirch, 6590 Weilerbach