Luxemburg / Plaats van belang

Eagle Tac (12th Army Group headquarters)




Only a modest bronze plaque fixed to the right wing of the present headquarters building of the State Savings bank (BCEE) in Luxembourg City reminds of General Omar Bradley’s former Headquarters.

Here the headquarters of 12th Army Group, named Eagle Tac, were established from the end of September 1944 until around 22 December 1944. 

General Omar Bradley commanded the 1st (Hodges) and 3rd (Patton) US Armies and left Luxembourg for security reasons at the beginning of the German surprise attack in the Ardennes in December 1944.

With the liberation of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg  in September 1944  by units of the 1st US Army, General Bradley established his 12th Army Group Headquarters in Luxembourg to be closer to the operations. 

‘Eagle Tac’ was established in the right wing of the building of the State Savings Bank in the capital of the Grand Duchy. This wing had been built on the remains of a former defensive structure from the 17th century. It was rated that in case of an enemy air raid, these underground installations could serve as an emergency shelter. 

With the beginning of the German surprise attack, 16 December 1944 in the Ardennes, General Bradley withdraw to France as it was believed that the enemy would try recapturing Luxembourg City.

4, Avenue de la Liberté, L-1930 Luxembourg