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General Patton Statue – Southern Shoulder of the ‘Battle of the Bulge’




The oversized bronze ‘General Patton’ statue, adjacent Sherman tank, ‘Patton Memorial’, and a series of additional plaques and charts make this memorial park special. Located at the entrance of the city of Ettelbruck, the park is an excellent starting point for further exploring the Bulge in the Luxembourg Ardennes, while focusing on the person of General Patton.

Between the local General Patton Memorial Museum, less than half a mile from the park, the General’s former Third Army Headquarters in Luxembourg (Pescatore Foundation from outside), and his final resting place at the Luxembourg-American cemetery in Hamm/Luxembourg, the interested visitor will surely come to grasps with the extraordinary figure, leadership and accomplishments of George S. Patton.

Ettelbruck, in fact, has the nickname ‘Patton town’, as it was here that 10 years after the war the ‘cult’ tradition of remembering the Second World War and the two liberations of Luxembourg by US forces in 1944 and 1945 had its origins.

Although close to 80 years may have faded, the remembrance of those memorable periods, and General Patton is still a well-known and respected figure, almost a national ‘non-Luxembourg’ hero.