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'Schumanns Eck 1944-1945​' ​​Memorial Trail




​​With a unique innovative concept, the memorial trail ’SchumannsEck 1944-1945’ near Wiltz leads thematically through the remains of this former strategic battlefield east of Bastogne using 220 authentic eyewitness accounts.

​​​Around the strategic road junction SchumannsEck near Wiltz, a murderous war of position raged for weeks during the 'Battle of the Bulge’, which is inseparable from the regional Battle of Bastogne. Today, on the same spot, there is a memorial trail dedicated to international understanding and peace in the world within the framework of the Interreg project 'Land of Memory’.

 Now that the contemporary witnesses of the war are unfortunately leaving us forever, it is even more important to pass on our common historical heritage to future bearers of the culture of remembrance.

 Along 20 thematically structured stations, the course and the horrors of the murderous close-quarters battles are illustrated. The stories are presented in original locations with 65 life-size photo silhouettes from original photographs.

 During the tour, interest and consternation are continuously triggered to engage mentally and interactively with the stagings on display.

 In most of the photo silhouettes, detailed photos of objects found at the site after the war were integrated.  This, in a further stage of expansion, will be virtually linked to the originals which are on display in museums.

One focus of the topics shown is clearly the predicaments and the suffering endured by the civilian population as well as the young soldiers. The memorial trail is open to the public tThe long route is 2.8km and the short route 1.7km long.

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