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Colonna Square




The Wedekind Palace (Palazzo Wedekind) on the Colonna Square (Piazza Colonna) in Rome was the headquarters of the National Fascist Party during the period of Fascist rule in Italy. After Italy’s capitulation came the Nazi occupation, during which many Italian fascists reappeared on the scene again, centering around the Palazzo.

Colonna Square and the Wedekind Palace (Palazzo Wedekind) were first the headquarters of the National Fascist Party and then the scene for the rebirth of the Fascist party and for the incredible violence that characterised the months of the occupation of Rome.

Also thanks to fascists, including the Koch brigade - a special police squad that was recognised by the Germans -, an atmosphere of terror spread on the city of Rome, which hit not only the opposition but, indiscriminately, the entire city.

On the Eastern side of the square, you can find Palazzo Chigi (Chigi Palace), which is nowadays the headquarters of the Government of Italy and residence of the Prime Minister. During the Fascist regime, the palace was the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry (post held by Benito Mussolini himself). From the balcony – at the corner between Via del Corso and Piazza Colonna – he gave his first speeches, later replicated from the balcony in Piazza Venezia. Palazzo Montecitorio (Montecitorio Palace) is another historic building that you can find on the Eastern side of the square.

The Palace hosts, nowadays, the Chamber of Deputies (Camera dei Deputati) of the Italian Republic but also the plenary sessions of the Italian Parliament (Chamber of Deputies and Senate of the Republic). Wedekind Palace, at present, is the headquarters of the daily newspaper Il Tempo. It is possible to visit it only for exhibitions, but the Palace is worth a stop to admire its historic façade.

Piazza Colonna, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy