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Monument to Resistance and Peace




The Monument to Resistance and Peace, erected in 1998, combines remnants of war ruins and works of art, and it is a central place of remembrance for Viareggio's antifascism.

Largo Risorgimento, in the 16th September Park (the date of the Liberation of Viareggio), houses the Monument to Resistance and Peace, erected by the town council in September 1998, where the Allied and partisan forces passed through in September 1944 to liberate the town.

The monument, designed by architect Bruno Belluomini and donated to the town by the Versilia Committee of the ANPI, comprises a number of columns recovered from the rubble of the old Town Hall destroyed by bombing in May 1944, raised on a circular plinth. This is pierced by a wall in which a rectangular opening, the 'Gate of Freedom', is opened. On the wall there is a mosaic by Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon, the 'Dove of Peace', and verses by Salvatore Quasimodo are reproduced: “And how could we have sung with our foreign feet above our hearts?.” 

Parco XVI settembre, Largo Risorgimento, 55049 Viareggio