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Monument to the Allied Soldier




The monument to the Japanese American soldier inaugurated in Pietrasanta in 2000 is a tribute to all the Allied soldiers who helped to liberate Versilia, paying a heavy price in blood.

One of the main features of the Allied troops involved on the Gothic Line was the highly varied ethnic background.

Within the American army alone, African Americans, Native American Indians, and Jews were represented.

Particularly worth mentioning is the story of the 'nisei', the soldiers born in America but of Japanese origin. Their regiment, the 442 Infantry, stood out in WWII as the most decorated regiment ever. Their role was particularly critical in the attacks on Mount Folgorito and Mount Canala in April 1945, as part of Operation 'Second Wind', which allowed the break of the Western Gothic Line and the liberation of Massa and Carrara.

The monument in Pietrasanta, which specifically commemorates Sadao Munemori, is dedicated to them. Born in Los Angeles in 1922, enlisted as a private in the 100th Battalion, he fell on 5 April 1945 on Mount Canala (known as 'Georgia Hill') to save two fellow soldiers. For this he was awarded the Medal of Honour on 7 March 1946.

The work of Marcello Tommasi and inaugurated in 2000, the monument is located along Viale Apua, at the time an American artillery base.

The statue is a traditional venue for the 16 September and 25 April celebrations, which in 2019 also hosted a Japanese American delegation.

Via Crocialetto, Pietrasanta