Pays-Bas / Champ de Bataille

Hotel Paping on fire




On Friday 6 April 1945, at about 11.30am, the Canadians made a reconnaissance towards Ommen.

This reconnaissance took place at the Groene Jager in Den Ham on the Hammerweg. Reconnaissance vehicles of the "Manitoba Regiment" drove from Den Ham in the direction of Ommen. In that area, a Staghound vehicle was hit by a German Panzerfaust. At 19.11, it was reported that one of the reconnaissance vehicles had been destroyed by a Panzerfaust. Private Trooper Green tried to free the occupants from the Staghoud despite the fire, allowing three occupants to come out of the Staghoud alive but severely wounded. Two others in the vehicle, 24-year-old George Thomas Wilson and 22-year-old Gerald Wilfred Soanes, did not survive the attack. The other reconnaissance vehicles then retreated to the vicinity of Den Ham. As a result of the disabling of the reconnaissance car, Hotel Paping caught fire.

Stationsweg 29, 7731 AX Ommen